This page shows tracking statistics for my website using Pirsch and Chart.Js. The data shows unique visitors. All times and dates are UTC.

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Active Visitors

Active visitors within the last five minutes: 0

The next diagram shows active visitors for each hour of today.

Total Visitors

Visitors Per Hour

This is the cumulated visitor count per hour on each day of the selected time frame.


Here are the top 10 languages used by my visitors.

Language Absolute Relative
en-us 770 64.11 %
en-gb 127 10.57 %
de-de 54 4.50 %
(not set) 52 4.33 %
en 29 2.41 %
en-ca 26 2.16 %
fr-fr 19 1.58 %
en-au 13 1.08 %
de 12 1.00 %
sv-se 6 0.50 %

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